Welcome to Ellie Saville Counselling & Psychotherapy

Do you feel like you’re treading water like you might be pulled under? Are you struggling to cope with overwhelming feelings of uncertainty, or loss? Maybe you’re having relationship difficulties, or you are feeling isolated and aren’t sure which way to turn. 

 Counselling can feel like a lifeline to help you better understand the changes happening in your life. Helping you to gain clearer insight, feel calmer and better able to cope with the stresses, difficulties and decisions you are faced with. 

Seeking support when life feels hard can be overwhelming, but by reaching out, you have taken the first step.

I offer a safe, confidential, therapeutic space where we will work together to help you find your way forward.

Contact me today, and together we can explore the aspects of your life that are concerning you, and work towards the changes that you want to make.  

"We don't have to do all of it alone, we were never meant to." - Brene Brown.